Tamariu, a hidden gem of the Costa Brava

Tamariu, Palafrugell is one of the most perfect beaches on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Three of my children are dangling their arms over the rails, overlooking the shimmering, sapphire waters below. They are entranced. Torn between “boat envy” of some tourists who are busy boarding a skiff and the lure of the sea anemones that are glinting in the waters below.

Tamriu in Winter, Costa Brava, Spain

Dante wants to jump in to get them. They are a delicacy around here. Perviously the food of peasants, now weighing in at €15 for an appetiser. The local restaurants have caught on and are targeting the rich people from Barcelona who “weekend” in this neck of the woods.
Palafrugell is to Barcelona as the Hamptons are to New York.

It’s a February morning. The air is still. The water dances as the light sparkles, glittering across the surface.

The beach is empty. A few people in the surrounding restaurants enjoying a late breakfast. A pleasant coffee. A leisurely peruse of the paper.

The children have found some rocks to climb and another excitement. A man in a wetsuit and snorkel (not quite as exciting as the divers in the summer) is heading off to find some anemone for a restaurant. (You can see why they attract that price, freshly gathered by hand.)

Tamriu in Winter, Costa Brava, Spain

Tamariu, in Palafrugell is one of those gems of the Costa Brava. A small fishing beach. The fishermen use the beach all year around. Each spring they have a sardine breakfast on the beach to celebrate. To celebrate life and fishing.

Tamariu is just a small nook. Just one little cove. A few hotels, a few apartments and restaurants. A dive shop.

A 5 minute drive to Palafrugell Market.

If you like to walk, you can walk along the coast, or head into the pine woods that offer a respite from the sun during the scorching summer months.

Just one little cove.

What more do you need for your relaxing get away?

One little exquisite cove called Tamariu.

Tamriu in Winter, Costa Brava, Spain