9 Things to do in Palafrugell, Costa Brava

Palafrugell is the quintessential Costa Brava. It is a quiet yet beautiful town, where every rich Barcelonian wants to have their second home. You can see the true Costa Brava here. Palafrugell isn’t just a tourist town, people live here all year around.

In the summer, Palafrugell is vibrant and humming. It is an awesome place to hang out, especially if you fancy a break from the beaches.

  1. Enjoy the Plaza.
    Sip a glass of cava and watch the world go by. This is the heart of the town where the retired towns folk come to put the world to rights and the child whizz around on their scooters. Everyone congregates here. It is the place to be, especially on Sunday Market. During the summer months, there is live entertainment in the evenings.
  2. Palafrugell Market.
    The market here is amazing. It’s open every morning, except Monday. There’s a big market on Sunday morning.
  3. Climb the water tower.
    The big tower in the Camp Mario (the square behind the market). It’s open in the morning and evening. It costs around a €1 to go up. There is an amazing view from the top but not for the faint hearted. (Is it me or is it something to do with getting older? The older I get, the less I like heights.) The square at the bottom is a great place for kids to run around.
  4. Art Museum.
    Enjoy a bit of culture? Check out the art museum. It’s not open all year around (it depends on their exhibitions) but it’s only a couple of euros to enter. (At the bottom of the water tower.)
  5. Wander through the back streets.
    Enjoy looking at the doors and little streets. Can you peek into any gardens?
    Carrer Major, Palafrugell, Costa Brava, Spain
  6. Festival of Primavera.
    The Spring parade is amazing. A fiesta in true Spanish style. Dance groups in amazing costumes with deafening music. Check the lorries to see how many pints of beer you can see balanced on the bumpers. The procession happens every year in May or June. (If you’re not here at that time, there are heaps of fiestas in different villages throughout the summer. You’re bound to find one if you want to.)
  7. Grab a coffee in the Fraternal Centre.
    In the Plaza you can see the theatre (which used to be the “bosses club” the rich land owners club.) Next door is the “Fraternal Centre” the working man’s club. (Or girl, you don’t have to be male to enter.) It’s still a club and you can see people playing backgammon and chess. It’s open to the public. You can go in and have a look around. If you ask nicely, they might show you the amazing library upstairs.
  8. Giants.
    Check out the town giants in the library. (Just down the slope from the Plaza.) Each town has a pair of giants that come out for town celebrations. The giants of Palafrugell are called Pitu and Lluna and represent the story of the foundation of the Baix Emporda (the county). They are a peasant and a mermaid who got married and settled in the Baix Emporda, a compromise between the sea and the mountains.
  9. Old Town.
    Get lost in the old town. Behind the church, you’ll find the old village. There’s a map in the floor in front of the church that shows you where the old town wall used to be. It’s only a few streets. Check out “carrer major”, “Main Street”. Well it used to be!

For such a small town, there are so many things to do in Palafrugell. You’ll get a glimpse of real life in the Costa Brava.

Palafrugell Plaza, Costa Brava, Spain