10 Things to do on the Costa Brava, Spain

Looking for a romantic holiday? A quick weekend away, or a relaxing week to get away from it all?

Whatever you enjoy doing, the Costa Brava, Spain has something to offer.

Things to do, Costa Brava, Spain

Years ago, before I had children, I nearly came to the Costa Brava with my husband-to-be. We were a young childless couple. Full of energy, full of wanting to do things.

I didn’t “do” sitting on beaches. I did beaches in passing, on the way to an underwater diving adventure. I was not good at “nothing”. I was not good at relaxing.

That time, we flew into Barcelona, had a quick over night stop at Tossa de Mar. It was very beautiful. Tick. Move on.

We skipped the rest of the coast line in search of excitement.

I had NO idea. I had NO idea that we had just whizzed past one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Even I, the “don’t do beaches me” would have found something to enjoy here had I stopped off and given it a chance. Even if it had been swim the length of the coast. Or even go for a dive.

Please don’t make the same mistake as that uninformed impatient girl.

From hot melting beaches in the summer, rambling around medieval villages, or wining and dining, the Costa Brava has it all.

  1. Sit on a beach.
  2. Cycling Holiday. There are lots of safe cycling paths in the Costa Brava. It’s a big sport here. You either go it alone, or find an organised tour to join.
  3. Diving. If you love to dive, this is the best location in the Med. Or so the rumour goes. There are lots of diving shops up and down the coast.
  4. A bit of history. Wander around the numerous historic cities, towns and villages.
  5. Catalan Cuisine. The Catalans are very proud of their cuisine and rightly so. They pride themselves in fresh, local produce. A crisp green salad, the catch of the day or a juicy steak if you prefer. Accompanied by a local fruity red wine.
  6. Hiking through the pine woods.
  7. Horse riding. Trek through shady woods
  8. A country get away. Eco tourism is an up and coming business in the Costa Brava. Stay on a farm and get up to milk the cows.
  9. A mountain adventure. The Pyrenees are next door to the Costa Brava. If you fancy getting away from the coast, you can do a day trip or stay a few days.
  10. Just being! My favourite holiday pass time. Just doing nothing and being yourself. Enjoying life.

My life is different now. I relish those moments when I have nothing to do. When I can sit on a beach and drown in a novel.

I have 4 young children and we love the Costa Brava. There is so much for young children to do here.

Whatever you enjoy doing, relaxing, or being active you’ll find something to entertain yourself on the Costa Brava, Spain.

Things to do, Costa Brava, Spain